Launch event

Tobias Rehberger in conversation with Lisa Le Feuvre

Location: The Goethe Institut London, 50 Princes Gate, Exhibition Road, London SW7 2PH
Date: Sept 3 7pm

During this evening event, Tobias Rehberger talked about his work and in particular his practice of giving the responsibility of building an artwork to a third party, be it professional manufacturers, the audience, or the curators as was the case in Overland: London to Beijing.

The event marked the formal handover of the artwork from Tobias Rehberger to the curators, and the beginning of the journey that the three curators and the artwork going to take.

Leaving London, the curators travelled to Istanbul where the project was part of the Istanbul Biennial in collaboration with Platform Garanti. From Istanbul the next stop was Almaty, Kazakhstan where the sculpture was built at the Tengri-Umay Gallery. The final stage of the journey took place in 2011, when the sculpture was built at Arario Gallery, Beijing.

By physically transporting the artwork on this journey, Overland: London to Beijing aimed to make the movement of the artwork and the borders through which it travelled visible. This stands in contrast to the usual way that art moves around the world – from biennial to biennial, art fair to art fair, institution to institution – where borders might seem porous and the art's movement is invisible.

 talk at Goethe Institut     
 sketch for the model