Overland: London to Beijing
was a curatorial journey developed by Hans Askheim, Tom Keogh and Miranda Pope. It considered the nature of artistic and curatorial practice within changing global markets through a critical discourse and a curatorial journey which transported a commissioned artwork by Tobias Rehberger from London to Beijing, via Istanbul, as a parallel event to the 11th Istanbul Biennial, and Almaty.

Rehberger created a model that was used as a ‘mother‘ for a sculpture built in a number of locations with locally sourced materials. The project was inspired by the expansion of all forms of trade and exchange across the landmass between London and Beijing and took ideas from the historic Silk Road setting them in the vastly different context of contemporary global flows.

The central questions of Overland: London to Beijing were:

How do curatorial practices affect and become affected by critical positions within different global contexts?

How does the movement of the artwork affect the particular critiques attached to the artist’s work?

What relationship can an overland journey of an artwork have with the global movement of artworks in the art market?

The project set out to create a space in which the various processes of contemporary curating are challenged and questioned. Rather than being driven by a curiosity about how cultural differences are played out in different locations, the project explores the practical and theoretical problems and contradictions inherent within a project of this scale and nature.

The project was supported by: